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Superb walleye fishing in The Netherlands

Holland is a very special country for walleye fishing. Not only do we have an enormous amount of walleyes, they also grow much bigger than anywhere else in the world. Talking about walleye fishing, Holland is truly unique! Also, the diversity of different lakes, canals and rivers is enormous. Especially the lakes and canals in the neighbourhood of Amsterdam are a true fishermens paradise for walleye fishing. One of the best movies ever made on walleye fishing: ‘Amsterdam, Walleye Capital of the World’ was mainly recorded in the lakes and canals surrounding Amsterdam. Eventhough the verical fishing technique has developed in a rapid pace during the last 15 years, many Dutch walleye fishermen have a long and succesful tradition in catching large walleyes with natural bait. During the first Dutch walleye tournaments, organized 30 years ago, large catches of walleye where not uncommon.
Today, one can catch walleye in almost all of the lakes, canals and rivers in the Netherlands, but Amsterdam is still the place to be if you want to catch a record size walleye. Looking at this historical background of Amsterdam walleye fishing, it is not surprizing that some of the best Dutch walleye fishermen are from Amsterdam!

About Peter Duyvelshof

Peter Duyvelshoff

Peter Duyvelshoff is one of the most succesful pioneers of modern Dutch walleye fishing. There is no other fishermen in the Netherlands that holds so many 1st and 2nd place titles during 30 years of Dutch walleye tournaments. In recent years, with team member John van Helvert, he was Dutch Champion for two years in a row during the Netherlands National Professional Walleye Tournament. Together, in the year 2000, they produced the award winning walleye film: ‘Amsterdam, Walleye Capital of the World’. They worked for over a year on this film with a small professional camera crew and this led to an outstanding quality production. Truly unique is the spontanious catch of two Dutch record walleyes live on camera! Apart from being a passionate walleye angler, Peter just loves to fish for salmon and trout in Alaska. For over 25 years he organizes succesful flyfishing trips to this very special place. His strength during these trips lies in the fact that he guides small groups (maximum 5 persons) so that he can give special attention to everyone in the group. In the website menu there is a special catagorie with Alaska pictures and more information on the arrangments of these trips. Recently, Peter has decided to share his special knowledge on walleye fishing with fellow fishermen. He is now offering guided day trips on the lakes and canals surrounding Amsterdam. This can be an ideal combination for the visiting angler who also wants to enjoy all the other specialties of this small city of world class.

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